PBP Purity Small Cover


At a couples retreat in 2007, Stone Faulkenberry, one of the contributors to this book, told the story of how God blessed him with his wife. I had never heard of someone being able to pull himself back from the sexual brink before – to refrain from sex after having had it. I couldn’t have done it.  I know because I tried, and failed. My own sad story is available online only as a free e-book, Dear Hunter: A Journal to My Stillborn Son.

I’m convinced that behind every premarital sex experience, there’s a sad story, and likewise, behind every tale of purity to marriage, a cherished memory. But who talks about such things? People who were virgins when they married aren’t usually the type to kiss and tell. And when premarital sex goes wrong, no one wants to Tweet it. This awkward silence from both contingents isn’t helping the next generation to decide well on the matter.

When God gave me the idea of this book – the title came first – I put out a call on various forums, as well as issuing a general invitation via my annual Christmas letter. The collection of essays you see here are all that answered the call. God carefully selected each of them. If I had had 300 submissions from which to select, I couldn’t have put together a better representation of the different considerations of each side of this issue. On the purity side, there’s Sharon King who never married; Mona Fazzina who never kissed until she married; Amy Morrison who remained pure in body, but gave her heart away prematurely; and  Laura Johnson who came so close to crossing the line, but didn’t. On the flip side, we see traumatic experiences of sexual child abuse, abortion, children born to single mothers and just plain old nagging regret. We are fortunate to have contributions from both males and females and we even have two married couples represented on opposite sides of the book – note the last names to pair them up. 

This book simply could not have come to be without the contributions of each of the essayists. I am so grateful for each of them answering the call to share with a new generation the important truth that sex is precious gift, well worth waiting to open on the wedding night.